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Support Information and Links
HSHS Help Desk Line: 1-877-403-4357
System Requirements
Windows 10 v21H1 or higher
Mac OS X 10.15 or higher
Apple iOS 15 or higher
Android 10 or higher
Current version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari Browsers
Team Viewer for Windows Application - Windows Remote Helpdesk Support
Team Viewer for Mac Application - Mac Remote Helpdesk Support
Active Directory Password Reset – Standard User Logon Password
Cisco AnyConnect Application – Cisco Virtual Private Network

Known Issues and Work Arounds
The below information and work arounds are provided “as is” to address the issues specified - Please use at your own risk...
If you have questions or concerns, please contact the HSHS Helpdesk for assistance.
Issue 002 Work Around
The Windows Store (UWP) Horizon client has several known issues and limitations:
  1. It has issues with properly detecting mouse and keyboard activity resulting in “idle disconnects” at 60 minutes despite use.
  2. It lacks the ability to launch multiple applications at the same time
  3. In certain scenarios the keyboard and or mouse will go unresponsive.
  4. Device functionality is very limited.
    1. Printing is unreliable
    2. Scanning is unreliable
    3. Microphones and Speakers may not work
We recommend that you uninstall the UWP client, and install the full Windows Horizon client from the links at the “Remote Application Clients” section below.

Microsoft provides the following instructions for uninstalling Windows applications here:

Issue 003 Work Around
Windows 10 “S” mode forces the use of the Windows Store (UWP) Horizon client with the known issues above.

You can check whether you're using "S" Mode by heading to Settings > System > About and scrolling down to the Windows Specifications. If you see the words "In S mode" in the edition line, you are running in "S" mode.
While running in “S” mode on your device is at your discretion, you may experience the issues noted above. If you find the limited functionality unacceptable, you can switch out of “S” mode to allow installation of the full Horizon client.

Please note that per Microsoft: “Switching out of S mode is one-way. If you make the switch, you won't be able to go back to Windows 10 in S mode.”

Microsoft provides instructions for switching out of “S” mode at the following link:

Issue 004 Work Around
Users are unable to change their password going through
Expired passwords may return “invalid credential” messages to users

Due to a limitation of the software, passwords cannot be changed through the site. As a work around, users can log in and change their passwords through

Issue 005 Work Around
Users are prompted for being “idle” and then subsequently disconnected even when they are actively working in an application.

Time Expired

Despite following the instructions, the session still disconnects.
See Also Issues 002 and 003.

There is a bug in the VMware client, that if the setting for “Extend the local IME to hosted applications” is checked that windows doesn’t properly interpret mouse clicks and keyboard inputs as activity.

This setting should be off by default, however in some cases it may have been turned on. To check this:


Then select “Applications”

Uncheck Extend

The work around at present is to UNCHECK the “Extend the local IME to hosted applications” as seen above and then start a new session. This allows normal idle detection to function.

Issue 006 Work Around
When signing back in to and launching a new Horizon application, users find that any Horizon disconnects their existing sessions.

No error message or other notification is presented, rather it appears that the session is simply gone. This issue only occurs if the page is closed or times out between application launches.
It is the current behavior of the Horizon client that when it starts what it perceives to be a “new session” that it will disconnect any currently connected sessions. We are pursuing a fix from the vendor, but in the mean time we have the following work around:

First launch your horizon application. Then right click on the Horizon Icon (white cloud on green background) on your taskbar and go into the settings:


Then select “applications” and then select “Reconnect behavior” and set to “Reconnect automatically to open applications”.


This doesn’t prevent the disconnection, however it should cause your applications to immediately reconnect.

Issue 007 Work Around

Unable to install or use the full VMware Horizon client on a non-HSHS device.

This could be due to any number of reasons including:
  • Local network restrictions
  • Device owned by another company
  • Device is older or otherwise unsupported
  • Incompatibility with other software on the device (including antivirus conflicts)

As a last option, if you are unable to install the full Horizon client, you may still be able to get limited access using the browser client.

Please Note:
  • This requires using the HSHS Desktop as the initial application
    • Once inside the desktop, you can launch other applications such as Epic as needed.
  • This would generally only work for reading and rudimentary data entry.
  • Some hotkey combinations will not work, and printing and external devices are not supported.
  • Incompatibility with other software on the device (including antivirus conflicts)
  • Some applications may not display properly or will be otherwise unusable.
    • This includes issues with multiple monitor functionality
  • Timeout settings may also not apply depending on various factors on your workstation.
  • If the functionality provided is insufficient, you will need to work with your company IT, or private support to install and configure the full Horizon client.
You will need a modern HTML5 compatible browser such as a current Google Chrome to use the browser option.

When signing back in to, It can be accessed by left clicking the ellipsis (3 dots) above the HSHS Desktop Icon on your BOOKMARKS tab and selecting “Open in Browser”.


Issue 009 Work Around

Using the mouse wheel to "Scroll" in Horizon published apps and desktops from a Windows workstation does not work.

Disconnect all active Horizon sessions, and in the mouse settings on your Windows workstation, set the "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" to ON as pictured below:


Issue 010 Work Around

Typing all caps/symbols despite capslock being off, and neither shift key being pressed.

This is resolved in 8.4 and later clients.

Work around for 5.5.x clients: Tap each shift key one at a time to “unstick” the shift keys.

Explanation: In the web client, and in Horizon full client 5.5.x and later, the left or right shift key can become “stuck” if at any point both shift keys are pressed at approximately the same time.

Remote Application Clients
***Information and Disclaimer***
These instructions are provided as a convenience for users and devices outside of HSHS. If using an HSHS provided device, please contact client services to ensure proper configuration of those devices.

Non-HSHS provided devices and networks may offer complications that will prevent successful connection, or otherwise hinder normal operations. You may be referred to your personal/local IT support, or your internet service provider, if it is determined to be a problem outside of the HSHS environment.

Please use at your own risk. If you have issues installing the Citrix or Horizon Client, or problems with the clients themselves, the HSHS helpdesk may not have the tools to assist or troubleshoot. HSHS does not hold responsibility for issues caused by the installation of the client software.
Applications are launched from

For a good remote user experience, HSHS recommends a stable internet connection with a minimum of 3 Mbps download.

First, select your domain from the dropdown menu.

Domain Select

This setting can be remembered by checking the “Remember this setting” checkbox.

Enter HSHS network username and password and click “Sign in”


If you accidentally selected the wrong domain, clicking “Change to a different domain” will return you to the previous screen
If not already installed, clients for Horizon, or Citrix can be downloaded below.
Horizon Client Information - version 8.4 (2111) or later required for full functionality.
Horizon Windows Horizon Mac OS Horizon Mobile Devices
(Chrome OS, Android and Apple)

Installation instructions for

Installation instructions for
Mac OS

Workspace One Installation

Click here to download
"VMware Horizon Client for Windows"

on the Horizon Client download page
Click here to download
"VMware Horizon Client for Mac"

on the Horizon Client download page

The above instructions allow
access to both VMware Horizon,
and Legacy Citrix Applications
on Apple and Android devices

Citrix Client Information - Version 22.03 LTSR or later required for full functionality.
Citrix Windows Citrix Mac OS Citrix Mobile Devices

Installation instructions for Windows

Installation instructions for Mac OS

See Mobile Devices “Workspace One
Installation Instructions” linked above

Latest Public Citrix Client Links

Client Download For Mac OS

Jabber Client Information
Jabber for Windows Jabber for Mac OS

Click here to download Jabber for Windows

Click here to download Jabber for Mac